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What happens during a supervised visit?

A Supervisor will be present at all times during the interaction between the parent and child(ren). The Supervisor documents observed interactions and conversations during the visit. The Supervisor is responsible to intervene and redirect the noncustodial parent if policies are not being followed.

The role of the Supervisor is also to help facilitate, as needed, interaction and connections between the parent and the child. Additionally, the Supervisor can assist with parenting questions.

Visits are aimed at maintaining, improving or establishing the parent/child relationship. Other individuals do not have a right, without court order, to be at visits. However, occasionally and with advanced approval by the Agency Director, relatives may also visit.

There are many types of activities that can happen during a visit: visit the park, go to a meal, go to the movies (only during longer visits when a break in conversation might be helpful), bowling, arts/crafts, board games, read books together, or engage in imaginative play with toys.

We understand that being supervised during visitation may feel uncomfortable at first, but parents and child(ren) typically adjust quickly to the situation.

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